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Don't show so much of love
on anyone
it creates a non-curable pain
when they avoid u.

By:zainCategory:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:121
Two Old Women

two old women were sitting on a bench .
1 old women: my memory is really bad.
2 old women:how bad is it?
1 old women:how bad is what?

By:RadhikaCategory:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:154
Why Did U Did This To Me?

a man was crying in front of his wife's cemetery. suddenly he saw an another man crying really loud.
the crying man: why did u did this to me?
1 man: sorry to ask about your personal
life. who is this person.? is this is
your wife?
crying man:no. its my wife's 1 st husband.

By:RadhikaCategory:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:325

Grlfrnd na hone k 6 fayde:
1-Time ki bacht
2-Chain ki Nind
3-koi Mis Call nhi
4-Koi tension nhi
5-No Boring Sms
6-Koi safai nhi ki numbr busy kyo tha.
Moral no grlfrnd no tnsn.
Samjo kamino

By:raghu9035333409Category:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:246

Teachr: Tum bade ho kr kya kroge?
Santa: Shadi.
Teachr: Nahi, mera mtlab kya banoge?
Santa:”DADDY “

By:raghu9035333409Category:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:133

Daya: My god, he is dead. ACP: Lagta hai iski maut marne se hui hai. Dr. Salunkhe: Nahi boss, iski maut marne se nahi, jaan jane se hui hai.

By:8553532253Category:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:140

In a personality class, the trainer has been explaining the importance of SWOT analysis.(SWOT analysis means finding one's strength,weakness,opportunity and threat). then he asked one of the participants;
what is your strength?
participant: my wife is my strength.
what is your weakness?
participant: your wife is my weakness.
then what is your opportunity?
participant: i am looking for an opportunity
what is your threat?
participant: you are my threat.

By:abdulCategory:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:511

Har Khushi Teri Taraf Mod Doo
Tere Liye Chand Tare Tak Tod Doo
Khushiyo Ke Darwaje Tere Liye Khol Doon,
Itna Kaafi Hai ya Do Chaar Jhoot Aur Bol Doo._
Read aMisCall Taaki...

By:Sonu6950Category:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:227
Husband With Wife

husband:kahan ja rahi ho..
wife:mari car mein ghoomne ja rahi ho..
husband:jab dekho mari car,mara bangla bolti rahti ho kabhi humara bhi bola karo....ab almari mein kiya dekh rahi ho
wife:humara dubata dhoond rahi hon...

By:mogheezCategory:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:239
Funny Jokes Meessage

Funny jokes messagegood

By:sauravCategory:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:23
Message Jokes

Invite u & your famly 4 d wedding of their Grandson
(S/o.Zira Rice)
QEEMA Masala
(D/o. Seekh Kabab)
On 16-10-2013
At- 8pm
Near Kaleji FUNCTION HALL, Paya Building,
Bheja Fry Road, Opp. Charbi Theatre,
Gurdaa Mohalla,
Near Bakraa nagar.


By:Kagdi JamilaCategory:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:593
Funny Joke

Daya: My god, he is dead.
ACP: Lagta hai iski maut marne se hui hai.
Dr. Salunkhe: Nahi boss, iski maut marne se nahi, jaan jane se hui hai.

By:RAHUL DAHIYACategory:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:154
I Love Sms Very Much

like jokes n sms of love

By:sunil sahuCategory:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:24
Suggestion Sms

Agr kisi ko ache ache msg chahiye toh its my no. 9136412291 cl me ya msg me ok frnds:-)

By:Rathore 91364122Category:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:87
Santa Banta

One day....
Santa:hello! Kay his pa train aati hai
man:nahi par ana wali hai par tum kuy puch rahaho
santa:kuaki mara dost banta ko jor sa potty lagi huiya hai.

By:Amrinder sharmaCategory:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:181
I Want Jokes Sms In My Mobil Phon

I love jokes sms

By:khaled ali mallaCategory:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:16

Sardar on phone:
Doctor my wife is pregnant. She is having pain right now.
Doctor: Is this her first child?
Sardar: No this is her husband speaking !!!

By:PSRINIVASCategory:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:172
A Good Advice..

A good advice from a good friend!

I read in the newspaper that drinking beer causes liver cancer so please-stop reading newspapers...cheers......

By:chandhu chandranCategory:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:158
New Puzzle Game

Your phone has been installed witha a new puzzle game. To play, Trow your phone against the wall.....

Then assemble the pieces.....

By:chandhu chandranCategory:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:144
Funny....stay Home

Keep the school clean.........stay home!

By:chandhu chandranCategory:SMS JokesLanguage:englishchars:40

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