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sms jokes & quotes

Bechara Mard....

Agar aurat par hath uthaye to zalim,
Aurat se pit jsye to Buzdil,
Aurat ko kisi ke 7 dekh ker ladi kare to jelous,
Chup rahe to Be-gairat,
Ghar se bahar rahe to awara,
Ghar me rahe to Nakara,
Bachon ko dante to jalim,
Na dante to laparwah,
Aurat ko naukri se roke to shakki mijaz,
Na rokey to biwi ki kamai khanewala,
Maa ki mane to Maa ka chamcha,
Biwi ki sune to joru ka gulam..
Na jane Kab Ayenga

By:sunil vasavaCategory:jokesLanguage:englishChars:536

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