Existence Of Man

Why Man is included in Wo'man' because he can exist independently

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Train the brain to feel the pain for ultimate gain

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LIFE - LIft Intuition For Enlightenment

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The Meaning

LIFE. Live Intelligently For Ever.

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Know About You....


No one can knows you, until you didn't know about what you are?

- ssc thomas

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What Is God

Every one knows that there is a God but how many try to know what exactly it is

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Never Wait

Never Wait for Tomorrow...

Live in today...


Tomorrow never comes...

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You Can See The God


Everyone can see the god who have helping nature.
God lies in the word help.

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The Meaningless Desire

Why did sits ask for golden deer. To tell the women of t thee future generations not to ask their hubbies such desires and get into troubles like her.

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Life Lesson

Suffer with silence and enjoy with enlightenment

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The Meaning

What does SMS stands for. Ans:Soul meets Soul

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Art Of Life And Part Of Life

A friend asked a man how is his marriage life. The friend replied having a wife is part of life and living with that wife is art of life.

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There is no great temple than ur mind. There is great guru than a good book. There is no great knowledge than this world. There is great experience than our life .

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Only a person who knows to spend money,can know how to earn money.

- Thomas

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Everyday plenty of rape cases are booked in police station. Hope this rakhi put full stop to these type of incidents by making new relationship b/w boys n girls.
Happy raksha bandhan
- Ssc Thomas


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Don't expect anything from any relation, because it gives pain only

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Don't expect anything from any relation, because it gives pain only.

-Ssc thomas

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Friendship Sms

friendship is very ood lov is very bad

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An Important Ingredient Of Life

Happiness is like the tip of a tail ! If the cat runs to catch the tail, it has to keep running forever ! But if it walks in its own style, the tail follows! Live ur own life style !

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Importance Of "TIME"

Time is like a river....... U cant step on the same water twice bcoz the flow that has passed will never pass u again... So, cherish every moment of ur life!!!...

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