An Important Ingredient Of Life

Happiness is like the tip of a tail ! If the cat runs to catch the tail, it has to keep running forever ! But if it walks in its own style, the tail follows! Live ur own life style !

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Importance Of "TIME"

Time is like a river....... U cant step on the same water twice bcoz the flow that has passed will never pass u again... So, cherish every moment of ur life!!!...

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My Experience...

"People Love To Say Good To The Good Things, But Don't Love To Love The Good Things."

By:Dr Bijitatma SahCategory:Life SMS & QuotesLanguage:englishchars:95
Pain Is Gain

Stars can't shine without darkness...
Life can't shine without pain...
-Pain is Gain

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Think When You Make Someone Promise

one day my best friend asked me: what were
you talking with that girl yesterday?
me:sorry buddy. i cant say that to you.
me:i promised her that i wont tell that to anyone.
friend:oh . then its fine . don't tell me
me:buddy . don't worry. i promised that i will not say that to anyone.
me:give me a paper and pen. i will write it down for you .
friend: what an idea.

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For My Mother

There is 4 members in my family. if there is only 3 apples. her answer will be : i don't like apples .so that we can eat. i love you mother.

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Gum bahut hai khushiya kam hai,
Kante bahut hai ful kam hai;
Manzil dur hai rah kathin hai,
Dushman bahot hai dost kam hai ,
mere zindagi ka ye behal hai,
fir bhi jee raha hu kyo ki sath tumhara hai

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All Guys Life

Friends of the rounded lips Life is Out of Control
The lips are rounded
City Nothing Lyrics
All Is Well

Guys My What'sapp No-8678816861


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"Accepting many wrong persons may not effect our life,
Neglecting one Right person wil leave us broken through our life"

gud mrng
keep smiling :-]

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Venkat Stomp

For every day, I miss you.
For every hour, I need you.
For every minute, I feel you.
For every second, I want you.
Forever, I love you..... by venkat stomp

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I Am A BOY /whatsapp + +2348102066480. I Nid LOVE

Am Desmond, am a boy. I need a girl to add me on whatsapp on +2348102066480 or call me. am very positive with a sense of humor very witty, am a very serious minded person, am a graduate and fully employed, working in UK Embassy here in Africa

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Love Is Life Beautiful

hai frnds gd morning love is great

By:raghul devCategory:Life SMS & QuotesLanguage:englishchars:34
Dear Is Always ..

Dear is always
that person
whom we give
last chance again
and again and again...

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Life Style Quetos

never judge the people as you are always judge them as they are

By:daniyal shoukatCategory:Life SMS & QuotesLanguage:englishchars:63

people are great if
they can find their
own faults
greater if they correct
but Greastest if they
love others with their

By:mogheezCategory:Life SMS & QuotesLanguage:englishchars:210

success is a vehicle which moves
on wheel named
"hard work"
but the journey is impossible
without the fuel named
"self confidence"

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"Lamp Does Not Speak"

A lamp does not speak,
It introduces itself through its light,
Achievers never expose themselves
But their achievements expose them.
Good morning with no sun shine.
A wonderfull morning....with wonderful weather...

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Weak People Belive In Revenge

weak people belive in
storg people belive in
Intelligent people belive in
a very great good morning to all frndzzz

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Happy Labour Day

So jaty hai footpath py chadar bicha kar,
mazdoor kabhi neend ki goliya nahi khaty..

By:mogheezCategory:Life SMS & QuotesLanguage:englishchars:137
Sign Of Maturity

The sign of maturity is not when v start speaking big things,
Actually it is ,
When u start understanding small things.....

By:mogheezCategory:Life SMS & QuotesLanguage:englishchars:145

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