Teasing Sms

Agar Aap Hume SMS nhi karoge to 27 din bad AAP Lal,Pile,Geele,Nile,Hare Ho jaoge,
Ghabrao nahi 11 din baad HOLI hai & I Hope Im 1st wishing U...


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Teasing Sms

Koi Book Aisi Milti,Jispe dil luta deta,Har Subject Ne Dimag Khaya Kisi 1 ko To Nipta deta,
Ab sylbus Dekh k Sochte he,K 1 Mahina aur Hota To Duniya Hila Deta..

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Teasing Sms

Mausam kitna suhana hai,thandi thandi hawa ka zamana hai kuch sms to kar liya karo balance kya SASURAL bhijwana hai..

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Teasing Sms

To Err is human,to blame it on the other guy is even more HUMAN..

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Teasing Sms

It has taken all my life to understand that it isn't necessary to understand everything..!
Good Morning wish U Happy GANESH Chaturthi

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May ganesh bring you and your family Lots and Lots Of HAPPINESS,LOVE,HEALTHSWEETNESS and PROSPERITY...

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Teasing Sms

@(. = )@
0 ',jj,0

G-Give us
S-spirit &


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Teasing Sms

My Lord Ganesh bless you and your family with peace and happiness..I wiss You Happy GANESHCHATURTHI..

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Teasing Sms

Eid is the combination of 3 meaningful words...

E-Embrace with open Heart

I- Inspire with impress attitude..

D-Distribute pleasure to all

EID ul Fitra Mubark...

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Teasing Sms & Quotes

Everybody Knows How To Build A Beautiful House,..But Only Few Know How To Live Beautiful In D House "

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Teasing Sms & Quotes

Nice words written by a little boy who lost his parents in TSUNAMI.." Sea I'LL never 4give u even if ur waves touch my foot million times !

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Teasing Sms & Quotes

Earth Provides Enough To Satisfy every man's Need....But Not Every Man's Greed...

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Teasing Sms

Son-Papa,Bachha zyada inteligent hota he ya baap ?
Son:Papa,phone kisne banya ?
Father:Graham bell ne ,
Son:Uske baap ne Q nahi banaya ?

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Teasing Sms

what is success?
in 1988 schin Tendulkar failed in English in 10th std..
Now in 2010,10th std's English 1st lesson is about TENDULKER
Thats success..

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Teasing Sms

Yeh kis tarah yaad aa rahe ho,
Aankhen band hai phir bhi nazar aa rahe ho,
Na jane kyon aisa lagta hai jaise saamne khade ho aur POONCHH HILAA rahe ho…!!!

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Teasing Sms

Definition of a Nurse
” a young and beautiful woman who fingers you in all places n holds
your hand and then expects your pulse to be normal…!”

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Teasing Sms

U’r very special for me. I’m very concerned about u’r safety. But I can’t be
with u always. So please, Take Care of yourself when u jump from 1 tree 2 another!

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Teasing Sms

Best lines by a great man-
“I studied everything but never topped!!
But, today the Toppers of d best universities r my employees….”

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Every Dog Has A Day...

U r happy today

U r handsome today

U r beauty today

U r glamorous today

U r lovely today

Why ?????

Every dog has a day...

By:Badr_al_ Din00Category:Teasing SMSLanguage:englishchars:200
Never Lose Ur Smartness & Intelligence

As years pass on u may lose ur hair , ur teeth , ur skin , ur healthy skin etc. But u will never lose ur smartness & intelligence.


U can lose only what u have..

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