Friendship SMS - No Expiry

Friends and Medicine play the same role in life. Both are needed during pain.

But the difference is that friendship never has an 'Expiry' Date

By:cyborgCategory:Friendship SMSLanguage:englishchars:155
My Friend - Gods Gift

Someone asked me to describe you in two words...

They expected me to answer, "My friend", but I didn't answer that...

I simply smiled and said "God's Gift!!"

By:kochumonSCategory:Friendship SMSLanguage:englishchars:203
Purity Of Friendship

purity of affection between you and me is not about smiling after reading the forwarded messages...

Its about smiling just by seeing the name.

By:Laila-1982Category:Friendship SMSLanguage:englishchars:155
Good Friendship SMS

After my death I will move up to the sky... I will write your name on every star... So when you look up every night you'll see how much i like your friendship.

By:BibinCategory:Friendship SMSLanguage:englishchars:159
Friendship SMS

A caring friend doesn't call and speak;

They Make it with a simple SMS...

Because SMS is not what the mouth speaks...

Its what the Heart really Feels...

By:Bibin JoyCategory:Friendship SMSLanguage:englishchars:191
A Friend Like You

1+1 = 2 My 2 eyes Looking at "U"
4+3 = 7 Days Thinking of "U"
5+7 = 12 Months Dreaming about "U"
But, 99+1=100 Years I Need a Friend like U...

By:Allen JoshuaCategory:Friendship SMSLanguage:englishchars:190
Friendship Sms For U

U know why god created gap between fingers?SO that some day a friend like u , come and fill those gaps by holding hands for ever...

By:webpirateCategory:Friendship SMSLanguage:englishchars:131
Be A Friend Until I DIE

Be a poet when u r alone
Be a king when u command
Be a scientist when u r work
Be a lover when someone loves u
Be history when u died &

Be a friend until I DIE...

By:rahulCategory:Friendship SMSLanguage:englishchars:206
May Not Count Me

When u count ur best friend.You may not count me,

when you count your close friends,u may not count me.

But when you really need a friend just start counting from me...

By:nikhilCategory:Friendship SMSLanguage:englishchars:194
Remember Me Like A Pressed Flower

Remember me like a pressed flower in your note book.It may not be having any fragrance,but will remind of my existence for ever in your life..

By:aneesyaCategory:Friendship SMSLanguage:englishchars:142
Golden Words For Lifetime

Golden words for lifetime.
"Go to help ur friend in problem without invitation and don't go to ur friend in happiness without invitation..

By:nikhil thomasCategory:Friendship SMSLanguage:englishchars:145
I Want To See U Smiling Always

Sending u 1000000000 smiles, Take 1 for now and keep 999999999 in ur HEART .Pick out one every time u think of me.Bcoz i want to see u smiling always......

By:akhilCategory:Friendship SMSLanguage:englishchars:155
Beauty Of Friendship

Nice relationships are like the Breathing air...

U will never see them, but you will always feel their presence...

Thats the beauty of friendship..!

By:AllanCategory:Friendship SMSLanguage:englishchars:174
Friend In Life's Journey

Time may lead me away from you and
fate may wipe me from you memory...
But i will always be happy
that once in my life's journey
we were friends...

By:NikhilCategory:Friendship SMSLanguage:englishchars:178
I Love Them... When You Are My Friend

I love my eyes when you look at it... i love my name when you say it, i love my heart when you love it, i love my life, when you are my good friend.. I'll never forget you.

By:AllanCategory:Friendship SMSLanguage:englishchars:176
Sweet Friend Like You

Days are too busy... hours are too fast.. seconds are too few... but there is always time for me to remember a sweet friend.. like you

By:AllanCategory:Friendship SMSLanguage:englishchars:139

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