Adult Sms Qutoes

Naai ki Dukan ke uper ghar pe lady ne sari sukhane dali,Dukan me andhera ho gaya ! Naai ne awaaz di..: Bhabiji,Sari uper utha lo,Muje baal katne h..a

By:sunil vasavaCategory:Adult SMS Language:englishchars:149
Motivation SMS

Trust of a friend should be like the feeling that a one year old baby has;wen u throw him in the air,he laughs,bcoz he know u'll catch him"

By:sunil vasavaCategory:Adult SMS Language:englishchars:173
Adulit SMS Quto

Santa : meri Biwi bewfuk hai,ghar me electric nahi or Microwave le aayi..
Banta : Meri to aur zyada hai khudke pass panic hai nahi or Purse me CONDOM rakhati hai..

By:sunil vasavaCategory:Adult SMS Language:englishchars:169
Adult SMS Quto

A kid to dad-whats between Moms legs ?
Kid-Whats beetween your leg ?
Dad -The key to paradise.
Kid : Dad pls changed d Lock.Our neigbour has a duplicate Key,,

By:sunil vasavaCategory:Adult SMS Language:englishchars:198
Adult SMS & Quto

Kitni kathor vidabana hai kudarat ki,
Phulo ka raja " Gulab" kato me rehta hai...OR
Jeevan ka nirmata jhato me rehta hai..

By:sunil vasavaCategory:Adult SMS Language:englishchars:144
Accept The Pain

Every successful has a painful story...
Every painful stories has a successful ending...
So, accept the pain and get ready to success.

By:Prem KumarCategory:Adult SMS Language:englishchars:148
Hello Guys

Once my lover invited me to her home. Whe I went there she wasn't there.Her sister was alone home. She was looking sexy. She askedme why don't we've sex now ? Suddenly I got up and walked towards my bike. That time my lover was standing at the door. She hugged me andsaid you won my test, I will marry you.
MORALE OF THE STORY: Always keep condoms in bike.

By:AshishCategory:Adult SMS Language:englishchars:362
Who Is Stronger?

Who is stronger Man or Woman?

Ans : Woman

coz she lift two mountains on her chest while man lift 2 stones with the help of a crane

By:MickelUSCategory:Adult SMS Language:englishchars:156
Sardar And Negro

A negro attended a function without dress.sardar thought he was wearing black suit & said "ur dress is good but tie is in the wrong position"

By:DanielleCategory:Adult SMS Language:englishchars:141
Attack From Back

A soldier gt married .But on 1st night wife having period.He telegrams to HQ .

"red alert on front,extend leave"

Reply from HQ : "attack from back and report"

By:BrandonCategory:Adult SMS Language:englishchars:184
Girls Are Using Candles

Lights went off in girls hostel at night.The warden called up electricity office and says :


By:HalseyCategory:Adult SMS Language:englishchars:164

Club dancer dancing, Public clapping.
She removed top,More claps.
She removed bra , Loud claps.
She removed panties,No claps..Y?

No man can clap with 1 hand.

By:BrandonCategory:Adult SMS Language:englishchars:191

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