Adult Sms 7 Quotes

minister to sexy wife: sach batao tumne kitni baar humse bewafaai ki.?
Wife: 3 baar par apke hi liye..
Minister:kab & kyo ?
Wife:jab aapka heart operation hua to doctor k sath,fir jab aap jail me the tab judge k sath,or thisri baar jab aapko sarkar banani thi aur aapke pass 78 MLA kam the..

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Mtivation Sms

A sincere devotee asked Buddha."I want PEACE," Buddha smiled & said: remove 'I'that's EGO Remove 'want' that's desire & than PEACW comes automatically..Good Evening

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Life Sms & Quotes

Measuring life by "What others do 4u"may disappoint u..but measuring life by 'what u do for others'will add more meaning to ur life..

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Life Sms & Quotes

Measuring life by "What others do 4u"may disappoint u..but measuring life by 'what u do for others'will add more meaning to ur life..

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Life Sms & Quotes

Two places are most valuable in the world.The Nicest place is to be in someone's thoughts and the safest place is to be in someone's prayers...Good Morning

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Life Sms & Quotes

If you want to see how rich you are,then don't count your money.just drop a tear from your eye and see how many hands come to hold it..Have a niceday

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Friendship Sms

Butterfly dont know color of their wings,but human eyes know how nice it is..Like wise u dont know how good u r,but people know how special u r...Good Morning

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Adult Sms Quotes

ladkiyon ki upar ki sari cheeze 'B ' se shuru hoti hai-Blose,Bra,Bikini,boobs or
Niche ki 'P ' se-Peticoat,Panty,Pussy,Ab samjhe admi ko BP problem Q hota hai..

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Adult Sms Quotes

what is the difference
Between a new husband & a new dog?"After a year the dog is still
excited to see u."

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Adult Sms Quotes

A little boy brust into his
parent"s room one night
and was astonished by
what he found his mother
doing to his father."Bunty!"he told a friend at
school next morning,
"and to think i get
punishments for just
sucking my thumb."

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Adult Sms & Quotes

An old lady says to her husband,
want to go upstairs &have SEX?
He says,"i dont thinki can do both.

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Adult Sms Quotes

Shadi k baad muslim ladke se dosto ne pucha-Kaisa rha? Ladka-Kabhi apne khandan me shadi mat karna,zara sa zor lagaya to kehne lagi,Shakeel bhai! aaraam se...!!

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Adult Sms Quotes

A Good Relation does not need any Promises
It just needs two Wonderful People,
One who Fucks
another who Spreads D Legs
Gets Fucked Happily

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Adult Sms Quotes

Sex ke bad callgirl customer se boli "tumhari bansuri to bahut hi choti hai"
customer-"mujhe kya pata tha ke,stadium me bajaani padegi."

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Adult Sms Quotes

Santa suhagraat ko puri koshish ke baad bhi kamyab nahi hua to gusse me Biwi se bola: Tumhari pehle kisi ne nahi li kya?
Biwi-jisne bhi li salwar utaar ke li..

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Adult Sms Quotes

Why Do Women Have Their Breast On Top..?
Because If They Had It Down,
The Pussy Would Drink All The Milk..

By:sunil vasavaCategory:Adult SMS Language:englishchars:139
Adult Sms Quotes

Women's nature as per bra size..
42"=out of control
44"=neighbour's pride, owner cries

By:sunil vasavaCategory:Adult SMS Language:englishchars:242
Adult Sms Quotes

There was a big que of aunties in front of a Book Stall just b'cos of a simple spelling mistake in the advertisement which read: "Exchange old boobs for new"

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Dil k dard ko zubaan par mat lana,
Apni aankho se aansu mat bahana,
zakham chahe kitne bhi gehare ho,
" DETTOL " ke siva kuch mat lagana

By:sunil vasavaCategory:Adult SMS Language:englishchars:188
Motivation SMS Quotes

Awesome message,
" Start working to fulfill ur dream,Or else some day someone will put U in work to fulfill their dream..think about it...

By:sunil vasavaCategory:Adult SMS Language:englishchars:149

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