I Love You

hai chinu nenu sweety ne i love you so much chinu i want to see you ok by

By:SWEETYCategory:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:73

If I Am Wrong,
I Need Your Hand To Correct Me.
If I Am Lost,
I Need Your Hand To Guide Me.
If One Fine Day I Die,
I Still Need Your Hand To Close My Eyes.
Please Hold My Hand Tightly In Your Hand.

By:raghu8553532253Category:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:251

Yaade zindgi ko hasin banati h,
Kbhi khusi kabhi gam ke aansu jhalkati h,
Yad karke dekho kisi ko dil se,
wo yade hi h jo muskan ban kr chehre pe aa jati he.

By:raghu9035333409Category:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:186

Heart Is Empty Without Love.
Mind Is Empty Without Wisdom.

Eyes Are Empty Without Dreams.

& Life Is Empty Without U..
I love you

By:raghu8553532253Category:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:199
I Love You

You're Always In My Heart. I Love You. I want to be your girlfriend. But that dreams never come true

By:SherryCategory:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:100
Romantic Event OF AS

What is the most Peaceful Romantic Moment
Its when your Lover is sleeping
You are watching her innocent face w¡th Love... AS

By:NIKSCategory:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:159

Sweet, u r d one fin DAT Eva happend in my life DAT I still believe in love.. U've actually Love me more Dan I deserve.. I love u very much honey.

By:rekhaCategory:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:146
True Love Is..

True love is not about your body and your face
Samjhe jo voh angel, jo na samjhe voh jaahil

By:Abhi PuranikCategory:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:98
I'm Soo In Love With U

Sweet, u r d one fin DAT Eva happend in my life DAT I still believe in love.. U've acctually Love me more Dan I deserve.. I love u very much honey..

By:ChinenyeCategory:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:149

__/#| SMS.
;' -- = ( """""""""""'''|

PEE...! PEE...!
Hi.. Sorry... sms was in traffic jam, so late 2 wish

" gud nyt"|-)

By:BHAGAVAN Category:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:249
There Is Something I Have To Say To You

There is 1 thing
2 do
3 words
4 you

By:D3ATH16Category:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:117
Chaudhary Sms 9536343786

suna hai har chiz mil jati hai dua se, ek roj tumhe mang kar dekhenge khuda se.

By:nayab chaudhary Category:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:79
Still Loving You Till I Stop Breathing..

There May Be More Than 8.5 Billion People In This World..
Sometimes We Really Need Just One..!!

By:R.Raaj Category:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:133

Loving someone dosen't need a reason..
If you can explain why you love someone,its called 'Like'..

If you can't explain,its simply called 'LOVE'

By:PranshCategory:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:164
Sweet Pooja

Sea is Full of Water!
Sky is Full of Stars!
Ground is Full of Grasses!


My Heart is Full of "YOU"

By:rahulsaingerCategory:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:152
I Love U So Much Shankar I Am Manu

Sea is Full of Water!
Sky is Full of Stars!
Ground is Full of Grasses!


My Heart is Full of "YOU"

By:manisha raju mutCategory:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:152
Love Is Beautiful...pls Keep Reall Love

Love is a medicine for any kind of wound.but there is no medicine found in the world for a wound given by loveeeee

By:baharCategory:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:114
Dard E Mohabat

Dard ko na dekhiye dard se,
dard ko b dard hota h,
Dard ko dekhiye pyar se,
Kyo k pyar me dard hi to hamdard hota h .

By:shouryaCategory:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:139
Missing You +2348065342286

Hello goodmorning 2day is a new day dat lord have maid am happy 2 see dis precious day. I may be away but im sure ... Even when were far apart distance can nerve change de love i have for u in my heart thinking of u i am not a perfect person bt when i care i care with all my heart oh! My God am in love if u ar nt in pls be form 2day i love baby

By:Destiny EmekaCategory:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:346
Lv De 1 Hu Lvs U

Live for the person who dies for you,smile for the person who cries for you,fight for the person who protects you,and love the person who loves you more than you

By:Madzivha dakaloCategory:Love SMSLanguage:englishchars:161

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