Life Sms & Quotes

What is life?
An interesting thought.
'Just when we got all the answer of life & God changes the question paper."That's life.

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Life Sms & Quotes

There is no value of what you did in past,
show your best part today.
Everyone wants to read today's newspaper coz yesterday's newspaper is waste paper.

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Life Sms & Quotes

'Unless u speak from heart,
U can't touch anyones's heart"
'If U have choice,choose the BEST but..
If u have no choice.Do the BEST"

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Life Sms & Quotes

"MUSKILE' Hamesha behtrin logon k hisse me hi aati hai,Q ki wo us ko behtreen tariqe se anjam dene ki taaqat rakhte hai"

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Life Sms & Quotes

Rat nahi khwab bdlte he,
Manzil nahi rah bdlte he,
Juzba rakho hrdam jit ne ka,
Q ki kismat chahe bdle na bdle,
Par waqt jarur badlta hai.

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Life Sms & Quotes

" Opportunity is free,Not taking action is Expensive..

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Life Sms & Quotes

Human Nature:
'We are very good lawyers for our mistakes.And very good judge for other's mistakes."

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Life Sms & Quotes

Kya "KAMAYA" us per kabhi 'GHAMAND" na karna.kyunki 'SHATRANJ' ki Bazi khatam hone k Baad."RAJA" or "MOHRE" ek hi 'DIBBE" me rakh diye jate he.

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Life Sms & Quotes

"CAN I " & "I CAN" are the words that can change the way we approch in life.choice the right option & creat a difference in our work & relations.

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Life Sms & Quotes

Hard times are like washing machine,They twist,turn & knock us But in the end we come out cleaner,brighter & better than before.

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Life Sms & Quotes

'Every problem in life is like a race & its solutions are of two types.
Bhaag lo (Run away)

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Life Sms & Quolites

Anger comes alone but takes away all the good qualities from us.Patience too comes alone but brings all good qualities to us.

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Life Sms & Quotes

Life never turns the way we want but we live it the best way we can.There is no perfect life,but we can fill it with perfect moments.

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Life Sms & Quotes

"People say success knocks your door only once.Achievers say knock the door of success until success opens the door.

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Life Sms & Quotes

'The life that you are living now,is also a dream of always be satisfied with your life.!!

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Life Sms & Quotes

'Full stop is not end,bcoz we can write a new sentence after it.same in life,failure is not the real end,but it can be a real begining of success"

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Life Sms & Quotes

Success is never achieved by the size of BRAIN but always by the size of THOUGHTS.
Think big.
Think positive.
Think to do Different.
Think to achieve.

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Life Sms & Quotes

Start the day with 3 words.
Try,True & Trust and success will be yours.
Try-for better work
True-to work
Trust-in God & belive in yourself.

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Life Sms & Quotes

'Confidence never comes if we have all the ANSWERS.But it comes when we are ready for all the QUESTIONS."

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Life Sms & Quotes

'God does not like the hardness of Tongue and Heart that's why he made then Boneless."'

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