Life Sms & Quotes

Zindgi 1 pal hai,
jisme na aaj hai na kal hai,
jee lo isko is tarah ki jo bhi apse mile,wo yahi kahe,Bas yahi meri zindgi ka sabse hasin pal hai,

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Life Sms & Quotes

we can win life by all means,
If v simply avoid two things in our life..
" Comparing with others" &
" Expecting from others"
Gud Morning

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Life Sms & Quotes

Very True:-
life is like A flute,
It may have many holes & emptyness,
but if you work on it carefully it can play magical melodies...

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Life Sms & Quotes

Every day is special,if u think so.
Every moment is memorable if u feel so..
Every 1 is unique if u c so..Life is beautiful if u live so !

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Everybody seems to be SPECIAL at first sight...But only the SPECIAL ones maintain their level of dignity till the last sight of the life...

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Life Sms Quotes

Ultimate Though ***
" Life is a question,nobody can answer it" AND " Death is an answer,Nobody can Question it"

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Life Sms Quotes

Ret ke Saher Me Aashiyana Banaya tha..Kagaz ki kasti ko sahara banaya tha..zokha hawa ka sab kuch uda le gaya..shayad humne hi rista kamzor banaya tha..

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Life Sms Quotes

" In life failure is not The REAL End,but It Can b tHE REAL BEGINING OF sUCCESS"

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Life SMS & Quto

Good nature can win many Relationships but only GOOD HEART can sustain those relationships Lifelong..wish U Lifelong..Wish U Lifelong best Heart..

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Motivation SMS

Umbrella cant STOP the rain,But Makes us to stand in RAIN..
CONFIDENCE may not bring success but it gives us POWER to face any challange..!!

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Motivating SMS

Best Motivating MSG:-
" Life is a football game,and we are the footballs,never mind kicks of people bcoz eithiut the kicks we may not reach the GOAL"

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Problems In Life & Wrong Path

"Everyday, when you don't come across any problems, you can be sure that... You are travelling in the wrong path"

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Lovely SMS Message

" A short walk is so difficult, when no one walks with you.

But a long journey is just like few steps when you walk with someone who loves and cares for you."

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Enjoy Being You

Always remember in life...

There are people better than you;
there are people worse than you...

But, there will never be anyone who's YOU!!

Enjoy Being You!!

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Silence is the best answer for all the question....!

Smilling is the best reaction in all situations.....!

Keep silence & keep smiling.......

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Beautiful Thoughts - Better Life SMS

You can win life by all means..

If you simply avoid two things...

1. Comparing - with others
2. Expecting - from other

Life will be more beautiful!!

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Motivating SMS

Small minds talk about winning

Average minds talk about position

Great minds talk about growth

But Champions never talk, They just perform and the world talks.

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Cute SMS Life Quote For Thought

Worrying does not take tomorrow's trouble, but it takes away today's peace...

So don't worry for anything and keep your life moving with a smile...

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Good SMS Quote About Life And Love

We always look and care for the person whom we love the most.

But we fail to look back at those who love us the most.

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Life And People

"Life is not about the people who act true on your face..

Its about the people who remain true behind your back.."

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