As The Sky Closes Into A Beautiful Night

As the sky closes into a beautiful night,may God open the heaven to shower U lots of blessings to make ur sleep peaceful & pleasant one with sweet dreams...

By:rajCategory:Good Night SMSLanguage:englishchars:157
On The Shore Of Life

On the shore of life , all good relations r like waves , they come & go but they touch in such a way that a feeling of closeness always remains forever....

Good Night!!!

By:kiranCategory:Good Night SMSLanguage:englishchars:182
I Earned A Few Tears

God asked me "What did u earn in ur life till 2day"

I just replied "I earned a few tears when i die, from d eyes of d person reading this msg"

Gud night..Swt dreams...

By:joshyCategory:Good Night SMSLanguage:englishchars:193
Cockroach Dreams

Every night same wishes , let it be different now.Let buffalo guard u , snakes dance around u , donkeys kiss u , mosquitoes bite u . Wish u a geographic night..
Cockroach dreams....

By:ginuCategory:Good Night SMSLanguage:englishchars:188
Salt Dreams

Gud ni8..
Have a "Salt Dreams" coz
daily sweet is not good 4 ur health , more over u r already so too sweet.....

Gud night & Salt Dreams...

By:sreenathCategory:Good Night SMSLanguage:englishchars:166
It Is Saying "GOOD NIGHT"

Go to edit option and & place the cursor above the mouth ....

= -->)

It looks like ,

Talking .. Try it..

It is saying "GOOD NIGHT"

By:nikhilCategory:Good Night SMSLanguage:englishchars:202
Enjoy Every Moments

Life is only able to travel once.Today's moment becomes tomorrow's memory. Enjoy every moment GOOD or BAD .

Good night..

By:jinsCategory:Good Night SMSLanguage:englishchars:133

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