Enjoy Each Moment

No one in this world is RiCh enough to buy his own past!!!!

So, enjoy each moment at PRESENT before it gets beyond your reach....

Good morning....

By:gayatriCategory:Good Morning SMSLanguage:englishchars:172
May God Destroy All Your Sorrows

"Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing frighten you,
Everything go away except God,
God alone is sufficient..."

May god destroy all your sorrows...

Good morning..

By:jithinCategory:Good Morning SMSLanguage:englishchars:208
The Way To Be A Successful Person

"If u feel, don't look at the place where u landed,
See the place where u slipped"

That is the way to be a successful person!!

Good morning..Have a nice day..

By:shibinCategory:Good Morning SMSLanguage:englishchars:204
First We Never Knew Each Other

First we never knew each other
Chains of relationship brought u

We may or may not stay
together but,

Let us try not 2 4get each other...

Good morning... :-)

By:renjithCategory:Good Morning SMSLanguage:englishchars:240
Fish & Selfish

A baby fish asked her mother why can't we live on earth?

Mother fish : Earth is not the place for fishes . It's made for only 'SELFISHES'

Good morning!!!

By:manuCategory:Good Morning SMSLanguage:englishchars:179
Hav A Nice Day

A relation is not how long we have been together not how much we give or take not how many times we talk its all about how we value each other...


By:sreenathCategory:Good Morning SMSLanguage:englishchars:175
HAPPY & Successful Good Morning

"NEW" day
"NEW" morning
"NEW" sun set
"NEW" plans
"NEW" hopes
"NEW" success
"NEW" feelings

I wish U HAPPY & Successful Good morning...

By:mareenaCategory:Good Morning SMSLanguage:englishchars:190
Absence Is The Best Presence

Absence is the best presence ,
If somebody is absent
u miss them
if U miss them
That means
they are present in your Heart...

Good morning !!!

By:nikhilCategory:Good Morning SMSLanguage:englishchars:220
Gud Morning For U

If u can laugh when u r completely broken up , then there can be nothing that can break u next time..

Gud morning..Hav a nice day..

By:geemonCategory:Good Morning SMSLanguage:englishchars:144

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