Good Morning Sms

Agar Koi Puche Zindgi me Kya Khoya Kya Paya..
To Bina Jhijhak Keh Dena,
Jo Kuch Khoya Wo Meri Nadani He Or Jo Paya Wo Mere RAB Ki Meharbani He...

Good Morning

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Good Morning Sms

In life dont trust people,who change their feelings with time,instead trust those people feelings remains the same,even when the time changes..
Good Morning

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Good Morning Sms

The diffrnc betwn ability & character,
Ability vl get us to the TOP,but
character vl allow us to stay at the TOP..!!
Good Morning

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Good Morning Sms

when you judge someone,you do not define them,you define yourself..
Good Morning

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Good Morning Sms

'choosing hundred wrong persons may not affect your life,But missing one right person will leave you a broken heart through out your life..
Good Morning..

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Good Morning Sms

Ability is what you're capable of doing,Motivation determines what you do,attitude determines how well you do it,
Good mornig

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Good Morning Sms

The truly rich are those who enjoy what they have..
Good morning

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Good Morning Sms

Dosti krne ka andaz ana chahiye,yad krne ka bahana ana chahiye,aap roz call kaRO n karo,pr pyara sms to roz ana hi chahiye..
Good morning

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Good Morning Sms

Dear God: Jo is sms ko pad rahe hai use Dunia ki har khushi dena Quki KUCH LOG HAMESHA MUSKURATE HUE ACHHE LAGTE he,
Have a nice day.

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Good Morning Sms

By being frank in life,I may make a lot enemies..But at least I am sure that,I will not make fake friendz..
Good Morning

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Good Morning Sms

lyf teaches us in every step...
D moment u start trusting sum 1 blindly..dat prsn breaks u..!!when u expect ur silence to be understood..ppl take ur words wrong..!!
Gestures aren't important evn thought shown heartily..but fake words r appreciated..!!
So,Don't make any 1 ur lyf..dont be affected by any 1's absence or presence..bocz when u face darkness it's u all alone who has 2 face it..!!
Trust yourself
Value yourself
Love yourself..

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Good Morning SMS

Brilliant use of language written on a poster by global warming activist

" Earth ka kuch karo,warna UN-EARTH ho jaayega...'
GOOD Morning..

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Good Morning Sms

itni dosti mat karna k bigad jaye hum,Thoda daat bhi dena k sudhar jaye hum,koi galti ho humse to ho jana naraz,magar itna bhi na hona k akele ho jaye hum...Good morning

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Good Morning Sms

long back,2 young indian tailors went abroad & struggled 2 get job.later dey strtd a small shop.their designs bcame popular.they rocked the market & become rich.til now it is popular.dat is"ADIDAS"deir names were adinarayan & dasgupta.dat bcame "ADIDAS" pass this to all indian..

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Good Morning SMS

God has 3 answers for each prayer...
3..I have another plan for U.
But He never says " NO "
Trust him always & He will bless U..

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Good Morning SMS

Beauty of belif in GOD..
" If he doesnt give me when I ask..Surely he will give me when I Need"

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Good Morning SMS

Just wanted to let yo know that the choice of "Blessings" for the best of life are always with you.

Good Morning

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Loveluy Good Morning Sms

A strong and positive attitude creates more miracles than any other thing bcoz life id 10% how u make it and 90% how u take it.

Good morning...

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Good Morning

One amazing quote "we may easily forget the people with whom we laughed and enjoyed.But, we never forget the person with whom we cried and shared our feelings.

Good morning..Have a nice day..

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Impressive One Liner :

Impressive one liner :

"There is no point
keeping your heart
strong like iron,

You never know
whose heart
turns out to be a Magnet..."

Good morning....

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