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The 2 hrdest things to say in life:
1..Hello for the first time to unknown person!
2..Good bye for the last time to whom we love most..!!!


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Love Sms & Quotes

Khamos palko se jab ansu aate he,
Aap kya ane kitane yaad aate hai,
Aaj bhi hum usi mod pe khade hai,
Jaha aapne kaha Ruko hum abhi aate he...

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Love Sms & Quotes

Apni Biwi ko apni 100% kamai dene se 10% sukh milta hai,
Girl frnd ko apni kamai ka 10% dene pe 100% sukh milta h paisa apka faisla apka Faisla apka..


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A Cutest Proposal..

A Boy ring D door-Bell of a girl's Home,
Nd asks...
Do You belive in LOVE at First Sight..
Should I Come Back Again...


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Love Sms & Quote

A lovely Quote:

Never expect a lot from people who love you..
"They LOVE YOU..."
Inst that enough...!!

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Love Sms & Quotes

Falak Me Apni jannat ke sitare nahi the,Hum unke the par woh hamare nahi the,Chhotisi naav lekar us samandar me utar gaye,jisme door tak kinare nahi the..

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LOVE SMS & Quotes


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Love Sms & Quotes

Y do we all MARRY?
Coz ROMANCE is not d only element of life.V should also know horror,Terror,Suspense,Irony,Stupidity N Tragedy of LIFE...

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Love Sms & Quotes

Chuhe ko billi lagi Gori,
Dono milne lage chori chori,
Chuha bolo o Gori a khele ankh micholi..
Billi chuhe ko mar K khayi Or boli..

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Love Sms & Quotes

Sensible Lines By A Smoker To His Girlfrnd..
" If you don't wanna see me smoking,then you better find other ways to keep my lips busy"..

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Love Sms & Quotes

BIskutwale ka LOVE letter...

Dear Marie,Today Is Goodday,U Have krack'jacked My Littl Heart..NW I M In 50-50 Position.Pls Don't Play Hide & Seek..

Tumhara TIGER..
Good Morning..

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Love Sms & Quotes

A boy n girl were playing 2gether..D boy had a collection of marbles..The girl had some sweet with her..D boy told d girl dat he'l giv her al his marbles in exchange 4her sweets..d girl agreed..D boy kept d biggest &d most beautiful marble aside n gav d rest 2nd girl..D girl gav him al her sweets as she had promised..That night,d girl slept d boy couldn't sleep as he kept wondering if d girl had hidden some sweets frm him d way he had hidden his best marble..
MORAL: If u don't giv ur 100% n a relatnshp,u'l always keep doubtin if d other person has giv his/her 100%..stay true 2al relation..

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Love Sms & Quotes

Mana ki Kuch dilo me nafrat hoti hai.
Par har dil me koi hasrat hoti hai.
Insan majbur ho jata he waha.
Jish se usko Bepanah mohabat hoti he.

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Love Sms & Quotes

Dunia ka har insan apne paav bhigoye bina shayad samunder par kar skta he,
Lekin ankhe bhigoye bina"PYAR" nahi kar skta..

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Love Sms & Quotes

A small boy & grl were playing HIDE & SEEK..She sent SMs: If you find me,u can marry me..If u can't I'm hiding near d door...

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Love Sms & Quotes

Dil k kone se ek aawaz aati hai,
Hame har pal unki yaad aati hai,
Dil puchta hai bar bar Humse,
Jinhe Hum yaad karte hai kya unhe bi kabhi Hamari yaad aati hai?..

Good Morning..

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Love Sms & Quotes

Confident lines on a WINE SHOP..hoarding...

" Men who love a Girl truely,Will one day LOVE ME tooo.....

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Love Sms & Quotes

Chaho tum jise chahat se zyada,
Spne dekho tum jiske nind se zyada,
Mango tum jise mannat se zyada,
KHUDA kare woh bhi tumhe pyaar kare apni sanso se zyada..

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Love Sms & Quotes

Nafrato ko hum pyar dete hai,
Apke pyar pe khushi waar dete hai,
Bahut soch samajh kar koi wada karna hamse,
Hum ek wadw pe Zindagi Guzaar dete hai,

Good Morning..

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Love Sms & Quotes

A girl is jst lyk a bird..!The thng most pretty in dis word..Whose childhood is der golden age..After dat,d world keeps dem into a beautiful cage..dis innocent creature,luks lyk a fairy..who loses her feathers when she gets married..she leads ol her lyf in servin others..she also has a heart,but no one bothers..A dress of happiness & pleasure is wat she wears..but in every corner,u find a girl sheding tears..;- isn't it true?

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