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A lamp doesnt speak..It introduces itself through its light..
Achievers never expose themselves.But their achievements expose them !

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Motivation Quotes

'If i get 8 hours to cut a tree,
I Will spend 7 hrs to sharp my knif"..
---Abraham Lincon

'If I Get 8 hiurs to study,,
I Will Spend 7 hours to find my book"..

-----Recent Student

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Life Sms & Quotes

Memorable line.."Its not important to go to heaven after we leave,but its important to create heaven before we leave this word.....Have a Wonderful life..

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Life Sms & Quotes


'Zindagi to Apne Dam Par He Jee Jati Hai,Dusro Ke Kandho Par To Sirf Janaze Hi Utha Karte Hai..!!

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Life Sms & Quotes

Making your mark on the world is hard,It takes patience,it takes commitment,and it comes with plenty of failure along the way..

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Life Sms & Quotes

Holi is colourful,
Deewali is lightful and brightful,
Rakhi has made our relationship..POWERFUL

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Motivation Quotes

Five things never come back,
The spoken words..
The wasted Time..
The Past life..
The lost Love..
The Neglected Opportunity..
So Think twice,Act wise!

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Nothing destroyes IRON Like its own RUST..LIKEWISE..Nothing destroys a person like his own EGO..


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Speak sweetly n kindly..Nature doesnt like hardness in speech,may b thats d reason there is no bone in the TONGUE..

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Life Sms & Quotes

Wo b kya din the:
Mummy ki godh aur PAPA k Kandhe,
Na kal ki chinta,Na future k Sapne,
Ab kal ki he fikar aur Adhure he sapne,
Mud kar dekha to,bahut dur he apne,
Manzilo kaha kho gye,kyu hum itne bade hogaye ?

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Motivation Sms

Its not a Mistake to do a mistake to repeat a MISTAK

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Motivation Sms

'Who is helping You,Dont forget them'
' who is Loving you,Don't hate them'
' who is believing you,Don't cheat them'..

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Life Sms & Quotes

Zarasi Bat Dertak Rulati rahi,
Khusi Me b aankhe aansu Bahati Rahi,
Koi Mil Ke Kho Gaya to Koi Kho Ke Mil gaya,Zindagi Hamko Bas Uhi Aazmati Rahi..

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Life is like race between cat & RAT,
Rat mostly wins.bcoz cat runs 4food & Rat runs 4life.
Purpose is more important than Need..

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Life Sms & Quotes

In Life, there are 4 things you can’t get back..
The stone..after the throw,
The word..after it’s said,
The action..after it’s done,
And the time..after it has passed..

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Motivation Sms

defination of Life..
'Life is a Compromise of what your EGO wants to do,
What EXPERIENCE tells u to do & what your NERVES let u do..

Good Morning..

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4 steps to LIVE life..
Look Back & Think GOD,
Look Forward & trust GOD,
Look Around & Believe GOD,
Look within U Find GOD

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Life Sms & Quotes

Every day is special,if u think so..
every moment is memorable if u feel so..
Every one is unique if u c is Beautiful if u live so !

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Life Sms 7 Quotes

Q-What Is INDIA ?
1.A Nation where pizza reach home faster then Ambulance 7 Police.
2.A nation where U get Car Loan @ 5% but eduction Loan 12%
3.A nation where Rice is Rs.40 But simcard is rs.10
4.A nation where people standing at TEa stall rading an Article in newspaper about child labour & say "Yaar bacho se kaam krwane walo ko to faansi pe chada dena chahiye" & then they shout 'Oye CHOTU 3 chai la'!
that's INDIa

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Life Sms & Quotes

You must not lose faith in humanity.
Humanity is an OCEAN.If a few drops of the ocean are dirty,The ocean does not become dirty..


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